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Get a clear overview on all your immovable property and its value to make the right decisions. Centralize your data, know your portfolio and share easily information with one cloud-based solution.

What we do

One integrated cloud-based platform to translate real estate into financial information

With 30 years of experience in the real estate market, we developed a continuously improving solution to translate real estate into financial information. The combination of artificial intelligence and our comprehensive database of private and open data allows us to provide you with accurate information that is broader than a value.

How it works

Have a look

case by case

Assess every real estate object, case by case, with our integrated valuation tool to set up an appropriate data infrastructure. Perform real-time automated valuations or connect seamlessly with an independent qualified valuer for an on-site visit.

Human robot

And analyze

your portfolio

Look at your complete portfolio and get useful insights that help your business grow. Record, report and analyze or update the value with our actualization algorithm. Monitor your risk, look for opportunities and set out a future-proof strategy.


Strong risk management
Operational excellence
Structured & centralised data
Full compliance with regulations
Safe & secure infrastructure

Industries we’re helping

With our team of data scientists and real estate experts we help you to enrich your vision concerning real estate, no matter what industry you are in. We deliver a set of IT solutions based on machine learning techniques that can change your business significantly.


From market value, over portfolio insights to predictive models.


From rebuild value, over building properties to useful risk drivers.

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